Possibilities with the Magic Ring

Maybe for an idea video, physically draw an umbrella diagram

Big umbrella rfid


Hf coving nfc 14443a mifare iso 15693


Just a thought, I know that would make things click for me


There’s the proxmark 3 rdv4, and the proxmark 3 easy, which is like 79$,
You loose a self contained power source, and ability to swap antennas (the lf coil is kinda nice for some implants)

The 80$ one works because it’s what I have :sunglasses:

This reminds me I kinda wanna design a 3D printable enclosure for an easy, that holds a battery and some kind of raspberry pi

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The easy is definitely on the ksec website. They don’t sell the rings though.

South East should have other people on here.

Hi sorry I can’t reply directly on the forum because it says I have replied too many times today and need to wait 18 hours D:.

All branding is for the uni… The only thing I can see is a DHL number but i think thats still for the uni. Only other feature is a magstripe on the back and its white. Meanwhile the key is red key identical to the bottom left one in this picture.
However it has a 6 digit number on the side without the circle.

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Hmmm…still not super clear.

Photos of a reader or readers if there are different types might be more useful.

I have ordered a proxmark3 from the uk retailer and will get back to you in a few days! Thanks everyone :slight_smile:


Be prepared and warned, the proxmark can be fickle to get started

I would have been lost if not for some of the proxmark gurus on here,

Works decently well when the setup, and implants take a fair about is trial and error to find the exact right spot on the proxmark,

This isn’t a discouragement, just don’t expect to be running in 5 minutes

Correct, we have the three versions available currently.

Proxmark Easy (same as DT) https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/product/proxmark3-easy-iceman-rrg/

Proxmark RDv4: Proxmark 3 RDv4 Kit - Access Control, Gadgets & Tools, ProxGrind, Proxmark & Addons, Redteam Tools, RFID Access Cards, RFID Cloners & Emulators, RFID NFC Tools - KSEC Solutions

Proxmark RDv4 complete kit: https://cyborg.ksecsolutions.com/product/proxmark-3-rdv4-complete-kit/

You can browse all of the Proxmark products and addons here

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Thanks for replying Kai. It has just arrived!

I have tried using the ‘auto’ command in pm3 and it said both tags are “MIFARE Classic 1K” under possible types. Does this mean I would only be able to assign one at a time to the magic ring?

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Yes, however, if you can enroll your ring into your entrance system for example, then you could change the NUID of your Ring to your Uni card NUID number so it will work on that, then you enroll your Ring into your entrance system and Viola you have “One ring to rule them all…Well, to rule Both at least”.

  • You may need to do a full dump rather than just NUID changing, but the principle is the same

Hmm I don’t think I can do that for either, both the keycard and uni card are assigned to us when we join :(. I think I will still get the ring just for the entrance system :).

I am unsure how to use the proxmark to clone the room key to the test 1k magic gen1a card as a test though. I watched the proxmark setting up tutorials but I am a bit lost with the commands to create a dump file and then clone to the new card. If you have any links / advice it would be greatly appreciated.


I used the hf search command to find the card and then used hf mf csetuid -u XXXXXXXX -a XXXX -s XX. And now when i do an hf search on both cards they produce the same output apart from a ‘tag signature’ on my keycard. The test card doesn’t open the door either.

It seems strange the would use the same tech and issue you 2 cards for it. Any access control should be handled in the access system…anyway

This should help

Maybe I misunderstood what you were trying to say… sorry! I thought you meant if I change the UID of my uni card / keyring to the other so they are identical and then assign it to my door?

Also thanks!

If you have the ability to add a card to one of the systems you can clone one card onto the ring, and then enroll that ring into the other system.

Assuming that your door card and student card are both issued by your university then it seems odd that they issue two cards rather than just one student card and then add that into the access system with the access that you need.

If you can’t enroll a card in either system the you will need two replacements, either two rings or two implants or an implant and a ring…

If you copy the UID just the uid then you might be missing some other data that is needed for your access system. That would be why you use the dump and clone commands.

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Yeah they are seperatley issued. The accomodation company is technically seperate just to make it extra awkward :slight_smile:. I managed to get it working with the help from those videos. I used the autopwn and cload commands and they worked a treat.

I only ordered one ring for now and will probably stay like that for a while because of the hefty shipping cost (rip living in the uk :/). But I’m excited to get it setup. If everything goes smoothly ill give a final report in just over a week probably.

Thanks for everyone.

Currently we don’t stock them but we can order them in for customers. E.G pre order for when we get next our stock from DT. Means no shipping cost and a set price but only possible once every 1-3 months. Not always the most suited but might be helpful for future stuff :slight_smile:


Oh cool… Unfortunately I already ordered it :cry: but if I get any more / implants I’ll come to you!

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