Possible app for Walletmor in Israel

Hello guys,

You might know that I’m all about that “Walletmor” chip.
But the Icard app doesn’t work for Israel.

In Israel there is a new app that look just like “Icard”
But the don’t have an option for wearable obviously.

So I chatted with the costumer service chat saying I have an Idea for the app and explaining to them about walletmor. They called me after 4 minutes asking for more information about it.

Is there any chance that it made it possible?

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Does the company make cards that are tap only?

I had a second look at the app, they make Mastercards
But it seems like they have virtual cards too…

Do they only have cards?
Do the cards have Chips like this?

Do they have Stickers, or Fobs?

If you’re referring to the virtual cards banks allow you to add to services like Google pay and Apple pay, then unfortunately those won’t work for implants as they are virtual only, tied directly to your apple or Google account.

@amal if Apex is eventually compatible with EMV, will it look similar to the Google pay system, where you add a card number, it communicates with your bank, 2 factor authenticates if required, then creates a virtual card number(not accessible by the user,just the card number that’s used for the transaction)

Yep exactly this

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