Possible crosstalk between implant locations

So I’m want to get an M1 and an Apex eventually, with both being the flex version. But I’ve been reading up online, and saw that there’s a possibility of crosstalk between the two implants. I decided to make a mockup out of plastic just to test how they would sit on my hand in L1 and L4, and saw that they would be ~25mm apart at the closest point.

So the question is, would they be easy to read, or will I have to choose another location?

For payment that proximity could be tough because the card terminals blast out full power in all directions and many do not impliment any anti-collision.

For access control readers you’ll probably be able to sort it out by cupping your hand, which will place the antennas at a different angle on two axis. Your hand itself might get in the way of proper positioning depending on the reader location.

For phones and USB readers you shouldn’t have much problem.