Possible new magnet location: -P0

I’ve seen quite a few people posting on this forum looking for implant locations that aren’t fingertips, but still nerve dense, and I wanted to propose a new ‘official’ location for the implant sutra.

Recently, MariA, on the Discord server, placed a magnet palm side, between the index finger and thumb, which could be called -P0, since it’s on the reverse side of regular P0.

The location is nerve dense, out of the way of gripping things, and also has WAY easier installation, requiring only a 5g needle (or possibly even 4g, still discussing/experimenting with that). It probably doesn’t have as good sensing capabilities as fingertip, but we’ll see how it goes.

Andy has also had an installation in this location, and it hasn’t had too many issues yet. Here’s some reference pictures from them:

Since the Titan is getting a second batch, I thought this might be useful to other people still unsure where to place theirs. ^^ I think MariA has a video of the installation, if people are curious, but you’ll have to ask her for it.

hi im andy andy is me.

big recommend this position for magnets the nerve centers there a re peak


Would be good to check people don’t mind you reposting there pics :slight_smile:

I have a titan and am doing a finger tip install but also looking at a second for this position.


Although that point is under constant pressure for me when squeezing on handlebars on unscrewing lids.
You made me think…

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epo asked us in #magnets about it on the discord


I think it was okay.

You can check Discord Magnet thread

Damn - Andy was faster

I’m Maria and I approve this message


Sweet just a friendly reminder for everyone’s sake

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This looks like the small wounds between the toes that heal soo damn slow and then rip open again!


There are some BIG blood vessels. i would be a bit worried to hit them^


there was zero blood, it was closed in under a week, hardly any pain. It was a quick and easy install. The needle goes in via the webbing of the fingers which depending on your anatomy is pre-tented sort of. No bruising and very limited swelling.


Aside from sensing, how comfortable is it? I am getting my xG3 v2 installed this month and obviously I don’t need to think about nerves in reference to location, just how comfortable the spot is, since the magnet has zero sensing capabilities. This looks like a really nice spot if there’s no discomfort.

The anatomy charts are for general guidelines only. The exact position of major nerves and blood vessels can vary a lot from person to person. To be sure a surgeon needs to visually ID them.
Does that statement make you nervous? It should.

Like the finger tip this is a high use area that’s subjected to a lot of stresses. I wouldn’t want a cyst there let alone an implant…

Having both now, I can say the finger tip is a bit more “in the way” for things, but also it healed much quicker than -0. However the convenience of a needle install in -0 makes it a whole of a lot easier than finger tip (and less painful). So far, neither magnet has caused any significant discomfort or trouble with everyday activities. P-0 has withstood very well the test of rope handling and pulling. The finger tip hasnt been testd with rope just yet but did really well with my keyboard. The fingertip sensing is much higher than P-0 but before I got the titan in I wouldnt have know. P-0 is sensitive enough to reach to computer fans, microwaves, chargers etc.


Oh… Right… The “P” is for palm… :man_facepalming: I swear I wasn’t thinking of another nerve-dense P-0.

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Position, that is …
But you might be surprised how those nerves need to be stimulated to cause the sensation you expect from a magnet.
Speaking from experience.

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