Possible to clone iclass SE card?

New to RFID cloning here. Been trying to use a proxmark3 easy to clone an iclass card but I’ve been confused by all the tutorials posted online. I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to share the steps on how to clone this particular card.

Sharing some of the info I got from my pm3 easy:

It is not possible to clone iclass SE cards as far as I know

It’s unlikely but it is possible that the reader may only be looking at the CSN, If you can get an iClass card in personalisation mode (red team tools sells one) you can try copying the CSN of your SE card to it.

Does anyone (@amal, @Pilgrimsmaster ) know how the eye class SE authentication works? Would it be possible to brute force the master key? I’d be happy to donate some computer and proxmark time to that

I’m super late to the party, but iClass SE isn’t cloneable. No HID systems that use iClass cards use the CSN for authentication, AFAIK.

Non-SE iClass (AKA Legacy) has been cracked for a long time. SE terminals that accept legacy cards can have a downgrade attack run on them, but I’m not the right person to ask about that.

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yooooo namedrop :sunglasses:

also, there has been ONE (1) observed case of the CSN being used as the only thing for auth, a school in Italy :slight_smile:

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