iCopy-X **looks like a proprietary piece of SHIT :Poop:**

I want to know how the hell they’re able to clone HID iClass SE cards with that there extension.

$$$$$ and Magic inside the purple box is my guess


Are there any photos of the other side of that box? It looks like a shelled-out HID reader.

Which is making me realize I’ve never used my PM3 to sniff between the card and reader. I wonder if I’ll get anything interesting off that…

@philidelphiaChickens its a downgrade attack that only works if the system accepts legacy cards. basically writing te equivalent data of an SE onto a legacy, the system doesnt care for either


thats basicaly what it is, a HID reader with an espkey, weaponised reader. youd need something similar to be able to pull it off with ap roxmark. except you can make it at home for ~80$


I was right! It’s totally just a shelled-out HID reader.

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I’m REALLY tempted to do this. D’you think I could pull it off with a PM3 Easy, or do I need to upgrade?

I havent, just these, and this video might be of interest to you ( haha, you found it already - deleted mine)


the proxmark isnt the component of it so youll be fine with the easy.

youd need a hid reader and an espkey, if youre in the iceman server on discord theres docs on how to make the weaponised reader its sick.


some homework for you <3


Happy to help :slight_smile:

Oh we have some pentester bundles we’ve just released which might be of interest. There’s a promo going out about them today.

Nice free shipping. Plus I can get the unlocked EU version from KSEC as well.

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You dont even need 80 bucks for an espkey just get an esp32 and download the firmware with arduino thats how I make them https://github.com/rfidtool/ESP-RFID-Tool

I have made a few out of standard hid readers never thought of making one with an Iclass. Probably because I have yet to encounter it in the wild in my neck of the woods

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We have some cheaper ones from AB also :slight_smile: https://labs.ksec.co.uk/product/esp-rfid-tool/

I’m on the iceman server, but am having trouble finding it. Any chance you could DM it to me? Apologies for my technological shortcomings. :disappointed:

sent but ill also send here for the interested

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@KaiCastledine i know you are a big supplier (many thanks for that) for all my hacker-heart is wanting sooo much!
Is there a List to Compare the iCopy-Names for their proprietary Cards to other Supplier´s offered ones?

I can surely search for any of them and start a spreadsheet on them, but i think somebody has already done something in that direction - maybe i´m lucky?

Pretty much most of their cards are not proprietary. They have a naming syntax but otherwise are normal UID changeable cards. A small number come locked with default keys but there’s notes about these here.

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Thats much the file i was searching for :smiley: Many thanks for digging into that!

What happens mostly for me is that i have a “unknown” card that is probably a dual-Technology Card.
For example: In the Building i am currently working all access readers are 125kHz-Types , except for the payment-System that runs on 13,56MHz. It would be perfect if the iCopy would try to read both Frequencies, and then recommends a similar Card (i don´t thinbk that a card like this would be commercially available) to write the LF-Data, then the HF-Data to it.

I think i need some more experience with the differences of Cards and the possibilities each Technology is giving us.