Possible to reuse x series?

Is it possible or has anyone previously had a x series implanted in one location, and then later decided they wanted something else there

Example a xEM in the webbing on your thumb
But you decide you want more range you you install a flex EM or flexnext on the back of your hand
But the xEM will be too close so it’s gotta come out

And you decide to move that xEM to your other hand or further up your arm

I’m assuming there’s gotta be a way to resterilize it, and maybe the injector

Or do you just accept it as a loss and throw it away?

Yes if you;

  • take it to a professional
  • have them put it into a sterilization pouch
  • run it through their autoclave
  • carefully test before opening the pouch
  • they install using a 10g needle for 2mm glass or 8g needle for 3mm glass
  • insert the needle to a depth of 18mm, then remove
  • pick up the glass and insert
  • hold until bleeding stops
  • bandage & bye

Thanks Amal, your patience is amazing
Sorry I keep asking a billion questions,
Analysis paralysis in regards to implantation locations

Knowing that things can be removed, and Reimplanted at different locations takes some of the pressure off to plan things perfectly from the jump

Follow up question,
You said autoclave and then test,
What is the testing involve? Visual? Or like a lab making this an example of diminishing returns

Should receive a xEM and a xNT tomorrow, couldn’t beat the price, but giving serious thought to either a flex EM or a flexnext for range, but also wanna avoid causing a cross talk interference issue

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No problem… ask twice, cut once… especially when it’s your skin :slight_smile:

Try to scan it… the thing you are testing is that the heat didn’t mess up the chip’s connection to the antenna. The chip is a bare silicon die and it’s typically flip-chipped to a carrier board… that connection can be sensitive so thermal expansion from the extreme heat could cause the chip to become dislodged from the carrier board, or damage the connection enough that you get intermittent operation… which really sucks. We perform testing multiple times during manufacture but once inside the needle it’s very hard to test, if not impossible (depending on the frequency and chip type)… and the EO gas sterilization process we use does also use heat (not as much as steam)… so it’s very hard to ensure function after its loaded into the injector and sterilized… this is one of many reasons we offer lifetime warranties on our stuff.

Can you explain the chlorohexadine while we are on the topic of sterilization?

My thought… maybe wrong

Was at an installer, have chip removed, immediately rinse it with chlorohexadine or whatever and then load it into a fresh sterilized needle and jam that sucker back wherever it’s going

It’s not “sterile” since it’s covered in your own juices, but that shouldn’t be a issue, just outside bugs right?

This is a great question that i’ve been asking myself. I would like to follow up with is it possible to buy empty installation needles from DT? so that we could reload the chip and install as normal

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Sure… this is true if the chip is not contaminated on it’s way out… so take it out with sterile gloves and tools, place on to sterile field or directly into chlorhex bath, etc. etc. then yes this should be good… all except the putting into a needle… honestly it’s not needed, just use the piercing needle to make the pocket and slide the chip in manually. Putting it into a needle is an extra step that’s not needed and it’s more difficult to do because you have to insert a taper into the needle to hold the chip in place while you retract the needle manually. Pushing the chip out with the taper is risky for a couple reasons, so it’s best to retract the needle while holding the chip in place with the taper… or retract the whole mess 12mm at least and then push the chip with the taper… but again metal on glass is not a good plan so it’s just best to use the needle first, then remove and slide the chip into the pocket.