Prenatal Supplements

What is the science behind taking pre natal vitamins? Specifically which ingredients do you consider important? I have a local product but have no idea if it contains the specific ingredients that are in the US products.
Quantities and norms change between countries. I had an American girlfriend who once showed me a typical US vitamin pill which was huge and contained worryingly unhealthy quantities of some vitamins.

It’s to help with collagen production. But you can always do what I did and ignore that advice… :unicorn_shock_surprise:

But then again, my body tends to heal quickly so I’m not particularly worried about this.

I’m no doctor but I was under the assumption that the reason you see “20000% daily value” is because some of (a lot of?) the vitamins just won’t get absorbed by your body so it’s to pad that out.

That’s ok (wasteful and not dangerous but ok) for some vitamins but others, like A, C, D, Zinc and folic acid are easy to over do and can have adverse side effects.
I used to stick a lot of needles in myself for other people’s entertainment and used Rovigon by Roche to keep the healing process snappy. At the time I believed it worked but it was quite a long time ago so maybe it was just my youthful skin doing what it was supposed to do.

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