Presentation on biohacking and implants

I made my “coming out” about my implants 2 weeks ago, speaking openly about my implants, the ones I would get (implanted last week) and my magnets, on Facebook and with the youth organization I’m working with.

It’s new for a lot of people who’ve never heard about this whole world and I have received tons of interesting questions and interest.

So much that I’m thinking about doing a presentation on it “TED style” and also a Powerpoint. Does one of you already have a presentation or something I can use as a basis for my talk? I need some help in structuring the talk, with a lot of interaction with the attendees.

Like “are there any cyborgs in the room”? And make them think about glasses, pacemakers, cochlear implants, hip replacements, tooth replacements, … all kind of things well known nowadays and from there introduce the improvement of humans … leading me to magnets, implants, …

I would also show them the field detectors, the RFID diagnostic cards (I have 2 extra that I could offer as a gift after a quizz), the injectors. I have pics of the implantation of my Walletmor and also of my NeXT and xSIID.

It would be in French but if anyone is interested in the final result, I guess I could translate it in English too.



Random topics I’d like to include as well (I post them here as a note to myself):

  • Kevin Warwick
  • Steve Haworth
  • Transhumanism
  • @amal of course
  • Grinders
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This. My workmates collectively agree that I’m the company freak, but when I tell them I can’t lose my keys anymore, they get interested (and some even said that they’d like to have that, too). The magnet, though? I can tell them how impressed I am when I can sense magnetic fields and the like, and they simply ask me “yeah, so what?”. Sigh :wink:

That’s quite a list… so you have the field of cybernetics / transhumanism, the field of bodmod / modern primitive, and the grinders - influence to the implant-topic comes from all those fields, but it will be very hard to do them justice without spreading the talk across three days or so :smile:
Maybe just some short introduction to those topics - with Warwick / Haworth / maybe Lepht Anonym as examples for each group?

Oh, and I’d briefly talk about the usual prejudices - why tracking isn’t possible, why payment is difficult, all the stuff people think implants can do but actually can’t :wink:


There’s a potential great opening

“Has anybody in this room ever lost or misplaced their keys?.. I haven’t, well not since getting these babies, [cut to video montage of doors / cars being opened by implants]”

everybody can relate and interests will be piqued right put of the gate.

Even if its not your opening gambit, it will work for a category/ section starter


Selfishly even better

Use media from

Kinda what it’s for

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Thank you for all your comments.

This is a pet project of mine so I don’t have a deadline for this, but I will surely take your comments into account.

Of course, I’ll give example of usage. I don’t have a NFC lock, but I can use a video from the “Show off using your implant”. I’ll make a video myself using the Walletmor for payment.

I would use this as the opening of a second part, the first part being more generic, more theoretical.

Yes, I’ll just mention their names as pioneers in their domains, not a full-fledged presentation of their work.

Yes, I got the same reaction from people when I mentioned my magnets. However there is a “cool factor” when lifting metallic stuff with them. That’s why I got also a xG3 v2 last week :laughing:

Well okay, it’s not “difficult”, people just expect different things. I have two glassies, and people always ask me if I can pay with them - so nobody would expect you’d need some sort of conversion service, basically cutting the chip out of the card your bank gave to you, and all that just to get it done again after some years :wink:

Hey, I have lots of ressources on magnets I can share including powerpoints. Also if you’re filming it I’d love to share it on Biohacking France :wink: I’ll dm you about the powerpoints

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