Pressure cooker autoclave for flex needle?

Hi everyone,
Has anyone used a pressure cooker as an autoclave for sterilizing the 4G flex needle? Reading through this article, (Using a pressure cooker as an autoclave - PubMed) it seems like a viable and safe (?) method of sterilization at home. The plan is a flexNT in the left wrist and a flex secure in R1.
(Edit) Just to be clear I understand that the flex products themselves are not able to be autoclaved.

Don’t do it, there are so many factors that can screw up your process.

Now that I gave you the responsible adult warning: I did it multiple times with needles, elevators, forceps etc
If used correctly, your pressure cooker is a decent, but very spartan autoclave.

This is no advice and propably dangerous.

When i clean my tools before using i just hang them in a electric kettle filled with water and then I just let it boil a few times.

But you can just buy a plasma sterilized needle from dangerousthings.

Being a medical professional I absolutely encourage you to seek the advice of a medical professional who is more responsible, less lazy and less impulsive than me.

Based on some loose science and with the caveat that everything comes with risks, including sepsis and death, this was the method I used:

  1. Soak needle in household bleach for 15minutes.

  2. Using sterile forceps, remove from bleach and place into boiling water for 15minutes.

  3. Using sterile forceps, remove from boiling water and place into chlorhexidine solution.

Then pick it up wearing sterile gloves and shove it into your hand.

I’m not saying that you should do the same, or that it will stop you from getting a nasty infection, but it might make you feel slightly better about inserting a foreign object under your skin.

Just hit up a local piercing shop and ask if they can do it for you… or a vet… or a doctor’s office even.

While you’re there, maybe just ask them to do the procedure?