Preventing infections after installing?

I want to get an xSIID in the typical place, the webbing between my thumb and index finger, but after getting some ear piercings, I found out that I am highly prone to infections :frowning: It’s weird since I can get a regular cut anywhere on my body, completely neglect it, yet it heals just fine. But when it comes to any foreign objectts, my body hates it.

That being said, what are some ways I can prevent infections when I get my microchip installed?

Best thing - find a good installer who knows about his job. A clean and professional environment for installation reduces the risk of infection massively.
Plus, don’t fiddle around with it until it is healed, keep the bandaid clean and dry, don’t over-care, reduce movement a bit.

Hmmm… either the installer did a not-so-optimal job (if they immediately got infected), or you did too much or too little aftercare :wink:
And especially for ear piercings: They just hate when you sleep on them, and yet it can hardly be avoided :wink:

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Thank you for the advice! I had my gf pierce them since shes been piercing for over 2 years but the infections are user-error since they occur a few weeks after lmao. I guess I play with them too much and sleep on them since I got them conveniently on the side that I like to sleep on.

My installer had me wash my hands and not touch anything before cleaning my hand himself and prepping it for installation. Afterwards he basically told me to treat it like any other piercing and limit movement there for a day or two. Remove the bandage and gently clean installation site the next day (My appointment was at like 6pm). After the first day I kept a small Band-Aid on it for a day or two but a scab had formed by then so I wasn’t worried about infection.

Basically, use common sense. Keep site clean, make sure you wash it when it gets dirty, etc.

And I know everyone (even me) gets super excited after installation and want to immediately mess around with it, whether it is touching it to move it or trying to program it. If you are really worried about infection, I wouldn’t even think about even looking at it for at least 2 days.


I have tons of piercings in my ears (and anywhere else^^), and it’s really annoying - the moment you get one, no matter on which side, it’s immediately the side you wanna sleep on :smile:
What helped for me and some really bitchy helix piercings was taking a big towel and making some sort of donut-shape of it to sleep on, this really worked wonders!

I used to be a tattoo artist and piercer and installed my implant myself. Here’s what I did:

  • Washed up to my elbows with antibacterial soap and hot water.

  • Used the included barrier from the kit on the table.

  • Put the gloves on to open the syringe bag and get the gauze and Band-Aid ready.

  • Took the glove off of the hand I was implanting in and wiped the area with the included alcohol pad

  • Installed the implant.

  • Immediately covered the injection site with the included gauze to staunch any immediate bleeding (I bleed like a stuck pig with any cuts or tattoos), held it there while I got the bandage ready. Took the gauze off and put on the bandage.

  • These are great bandages they include with the kits. I need to get some for when I’m wood carving. They are waterproof and I had no problems with it washing my hands or showering.I took two showers with it on.

  • I left the bandage on for about 18 hours and took it off to let it dry. I gently washed the area and then went over it with the alcohol again, more or less to clean up the residual adhesive. The wound was closed up, but still tender. Once it dried, it scabbed up.

  • Just keep your hands clean and use antibacterial soap. Try not to soak them for long periods of time, like til wrinkling for a couple more days. Showers are fine.

  • The whole trick is to keep it clean for a few days. Don’t pick at the scab.

You’ll do ok.

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