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greetings mr amal…: i am visually imparied & use voice recognition so i may have simply not put the cation reader/curser on the right place thruogh the blog/post in regards to
'quirks of the T5577 & cloning tags to the xEM…i thought you mentioned that you and your team had made a prototype LF antenna that was compatable with the proxmark3 and that the antenna (your prototype) was more effecient with the xEM tags? so if i understood (heard) that all corectly…is or will that prototype LF antenna be available for purchase from tried to coment @ the original post but could not seem to locater the ‘reply’ icon…ill soom be getting my first two implants from you next month and an associate of mine is going to match me $ for $ so i can get a proxmark3…and while im at it…whats your opinion of the two variables of the proxmark3 in regards to ANY implant ofered by i realize your vary busy but i do sincerily appreciate your creation and coments to this site as well as EVERYONE that posts here… respectfully:)


the antennas that come with the proxmark3 are designed to work with cards and keyfob style tags, not cylindrically shaped tags like our x-series. We are exploring the possibility of manufacturing antennas for the proxmark3 that are designed to work specifically with our x-series tags, but there is no ETA on this at the moment.