Problem FlexNT (4 months old)

hey i have a problem with my flexnt. This is about 4 months old and has given up the mind from one day to the next. How does the warranty work now? Looking forward to your answers. @amal

Dangerous Things have fantastic aftersales service and a lifetime guarantee on their products.

This is one of ways of contacting them,
or, alternatively on the Dangerous Things Website.
Before that we should help you try and diagnose/remedy the fault before you contact them, or at least get them as much information as possible.

Could you provide a few more details:-
What fault finding have you tried so far?
What have you been using it for?
Storing NDEF data?
Can you still read it with an app (taginfo etc.)
Is it working intermittently? or not at all?
Has the read range degraded?
How long has it not been working as expected?

I tried to read it with 3 smartphones, I tried it with the KBR1 reader and with a Proxmark. none of the devices recognize the implant. only the link to my Vivokey profile is saved and I used it last and retrieve the data from it to pass on my phone number.

That’s some more information to work with,
sounds like you have tried all the correct things.

From here I would suggest we put in an
@mdanger ( she will likely look after this for you )
to get her attention.
Bear in mind DT are based in Seattle, so the time zone difference, I think it is around 1:30am - 2:30am Saturday morning.
Alternatively, you could copy and paste this Thread address onto the DT webpage help form
And / or a summary of your signs, symptoms and your fault finding.

okay thank you ,maybe see @amal @mdanger otherwise it sent an email again.

We definitely provide lifetime warranty on our products. I do have some questions to help clarify what might have gone wrong;

  • How was the flexNT installed? Did the installer use tools like forceps to handle or manipulate the flexNT?

  • Where was the flexNT installed in your body?

  • Did the flexNT receive any impacts or blunt force while installed?

  • Can you reply to your order confirmation email for the flexNT with a request for a replacement? We will send a replacement to you and hope to get the malfunctioning flexNT back for analysis.


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hello @amal the implant was pushed by hand into the pocket (no tools) it is in the edge of the hand and did not get any bumps or bumps at least none that I noticed. I had ordered the implant through digiwell so I did not receive an order confirmation email from you.

Ah ok… I will PM you now…