Problem payment

Mulch problem

Since this morning, I try to buy an implant, but I am told that for the moment I cannot treat my mulch, that I must try again later.

Am I the only one experiencing this problem?

Can you please clarify what you mean by “mulch”?


if English is not your first language then the best thing to do will be to type in your native language and then we can translate using the server feature.

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Amal has stopped accepting compost as a valid form of payment maybe? :slight_smile:


@Rebetez is Swiss I believe, so high German, maybe French or Italian and another I cant remember

Anyway, let’s drop an @amal in here so he can check from his end

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Michelle (@mdanger) has reached out to you. Please work with her to resolve :slight_smile:

Compost ?

Mulch in English means a kind of compost… when material (usually garbage) breaks down into earth and dirt.

The translation is bad. I meant payment

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Check your email and spam box… Michelle sent you a support ticket from our system and she can help you with alternative payment methods.

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I did not receive anything.
No box contains this message.

hmm ok… can you go to the website and click on the orange HELP button at the bottom of the page? Submit your problem there and I will ensure Michelle replies to your request!

This One


Payment is made today. I was able to order. It’s my card that didn’t transfer right away.