Problem reading implant

Hi! I got mine at Cebit and it has stoped working, anyone have a clue if i can get it to work again?

I do not now the spec on the implant but it was inserted by DigiWell 14 Mars 2016 on CeBIT 2016| Hannover

Please Help


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Hello Henrik,

It was either the xEM or xNT. What kind of readers were you using it with?

Hi! ive tried Galaxy S6, and some Aptus reader, and ASSA PCI15, Iphone X

Is there any samsung device or apple device that should work?

Well it depends on which chip you got. It was working with NFC phones in the past? If so then you got an xNT. The xEM is not able to be read by any NFC devices. The S6 is terrible… it won’t read well at all with that. I’ve not heard of any of the other phones. The iPhone X can work well if the tag is positioned well, but you need an app to read. I suggest TagInfo from NXP. The tag should be placed right on the top of the phone, like your phone is standing up on it’s head over the tag.


I tried to read it with my iPhone X with TagInfo but no luck, anymore ideas? I might have set a password on it will it affect the reading?

The one speaking is the one who chiped me

That’s me :slight_smile: I was offering xEMs and xNTs that day. When you say “stopped working”, I assume that it was working at one point, correct? What were you using your chip with previously that now no longer works?

Or, are you now attempting to use your chip for the first time and it’s not working as expected?

Hi! Again :slight_smile: , i could open the lock with a handle that you had with you. I was from Sweden if you remember?

imageAh yes ok, then you received the xNT. I’m sorry but I implanted around 200 people at Cebit so I’m not sure exactly what we discussed, but if you were able to use my demo lock then you got the xNT.

Since using the lock at CeBIT have you used your xNT for anything else? I am thinking that your attempts to read the implant with a phone are failing because of expectations not matching reality. Phones have NFC antennas designed to read large credit card sized NFC tags. Getting a good read with the very small xNT requires practice.

Definitely check out the xLED product… watch the video. It shows how difficult it can be to get a good read with a reader. This also applies to a phone. If you continue to have problems getting a good read, I would suggest getting the xLED and testing your phone to find the exact location and orientation that gets the best signal, then place your xNT in that place.

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ok, maybe getting a reader also that i confirmed working with my chip, what should i have?

You might try our KBR1 reader?

Hi again, is there any app that could format or read the inplant? I have an Huawei Mate 20 Pro to test with.

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You should be able to use TagInfo to read the xNT… but if you got an xEM you won’t be able to use any phone since the xEM is not NFC compliant.

Hey mate, I’ve also got a Mate 20 pro and was wondering how easy you found reading the tag? Getting mine installed saturday and just wondering if the device is any good at getting a read :slight_smile:

(Also got an xLED on the way)

Hi! It is just below the cameras if a can remember correctly.

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Cheers mate much appreciated