Problem With Shipping

Hey y’all,
I was having a NExT install kit shipped to a friend’s place(she’s a doctor, and going to be installing it in my hand during a convention we’ll both be at in two weeks, she’s driving there and I’m flying), and it was supposed to be delivered today.

But, the tracking info from USPS went from “Out For Delivery” to “Your item was returned to the sender on February 27, 2024 at 12:33 pm in [Friend’s City] because the addressee was not known at the delivery address noted on the package.”
I put my name on the package instead of hers, so she would know what it is, but I’ve never had this happen before.

Is there a way to get it shipped back out if/when it shows back up at the office, with her name on it? I can provide the invoice number to find the order. Delivery address would stay the same, and I don’t mind paying for shipping again.

let me drop an @amal here

got to
click bottom right Help button :help:

DT are awesome.
They will do what they can I’m sure.

Good luck

I super missed the help button there, I feel silly now.
Thank you for pointing that out!

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Its easy to miss the forest for the trees sometimes.

All good, thats why the community is here as a backup

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