ProblemAuthenticating NTAG216

Big issue, i tried removing password from my ntag216 implant, but it seems it didnot do it on all pages, now a part is still protected and i cant write it anymore as well as not set a new password

This might help finding a solution?

Ok, so somehow your AUTH0 byte got changed to 00 but should be E2… and you need to authenticate before you can change it. The good news is, your password is still factory default FF FF FF FF.

Ok so you already have NFC Shell. that’s good… but use carefully. Sending incorrect commands with NFC Shell can really brick your tag for real.

You’ve authenticated… good… now you need a second line after that one to change your AUTH0 byte… so your command list should look like this;

A2 E3 04 00 00 E2

Then tap your tag. You need to include both lines to ensure the session remains authenticated to perform the write command.

After this you should be able to use “normal” tag writing apps again.

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@amal should i set a password?

I think setting a password is up to you at this point… I think it’s fine without, but anyone could authenticate and make changes, including changing your password. As long as you don’t have evil friends who want to prank you or enemies that would love to mess up your chip, you should be fine.

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Thank you very very much.

After lengthy checking, (thanks amal) I came to the conclusion that i or the app messed up. Weird behaviour I am experiencing that make no sense at all. Maybe I should have bought from dangerous things, as the supplier from my chip is not very fast in replying. (even after having seen my message)

I am not able to use an app anymore to change the password (idk why) and nfc tools started not reading more than first 2 entries.

I must repeat It could have been user error or the app, both are equally likely imho.

Hey Peter,

Just checking on you and any progress with your implant. Please let me know at your convenience. I understand you did not purchase it from us, but we appreciate you are part of our bio-hacker community.



Sorry I did never reply, I did not think another message would pop up, as stated earlier it is usable again, thanks to amal. I also ordered 2 new chips from dangerous things via a european reseller.