Proforma Invoice Request

Hello! I am a puchaser from France who will complete an order this week, I would like to but 2 samples of apex flex and 2samples of xNT NFC Chip. May I know is there a Proforma Invoice with my shipping box? Or a copy to my email address? If not, may I request one?

Thanks a lot! Please let me know!


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Copy and paste your message to the web store.

Hit the Help button ( Bottom Right )

It will generate a ticket on the Dangerous Things system and you should get a response sooner.


actually the easiest way for order questions to create a ticket is to just reply to the order confirmation email :slight_smile: it will create a ticket and automatically include the order information :slight_smile:

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Also I should ask, what is the purpose of the proforma invoice? If it is for import / customs / duty, we file that electronically via DHL. If it is for some other purpose, let me know via the reply to your order confirmation email.

Also there’s a French discord and Facebook group if you want to share and ask for advice


It is for Company reimbursement

You should have received an invoice via email :slight_smile:


Yes I have received a invoice via email, but the payment method did not show the card information.(Credit card number) How to prove the payment person is me? Please understand my weird question cuz I issued the invoice so that the company could reimburse me.


Your company reimburses your chips?! Please send me a form so can apply for a job!