Programing NeXT to key open doors question

will i have any problems programming from the writer at work, just directly making the write with what they use to program keys for the hotel doors?

possibly… what kind of implant do you have? what kind of chips are being used by the enrollment system (programmer)?

I assume you’re wondering about the NExT’s ability to be enrolled. Chances are slim, as most hotel contactless keycard systems operate with Mifare “classic” 1k cards (like the xM1 or flexM1) and write room number and time fences to the cards in a “secured” (broken) sector or sectors of the Mifare chip. This is how room door locks that aren’t networked in any way can know your card is good for the door and from what date/time to what date/time… as long as the door’s clock is accurate, all the information it needs is on the card itself.

Yes, this means if you reverse engineered the data storage schema on the card, you could get into any room (in theory).

The only way for an enrollment system to work with the Spark 2 or NExT chip would be if the enrollment process simply read the ID off the chip and then programmed some backend system… but like I said, hotel door locks are not typically connected to any kind of backend system.

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A chip implanted with some sort of algorithm, heard of any?

i sent you a PM with the same lock being used and the programmer…