Programming UID on xM1 with proxmark3 easy

Just got my proxmark3 easy firmware up and running. I need to program my xM1 with a simple but specific UID. Anyone care to walk me through it?

Check the csetuid command under hf mf menu

Be sure to check out the exploring proxmark3 video to understand how to navigate through the proxmark3 menus.

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Adding to what Amal posted, he also just did two great videos for the new Magic Ring which is very similar to the xM1, you can do almost the same with your xM1, read / write with proxmark and read with your phone ( You just cant write with your phone )

Otherwise it should be a great little guide to follow to do what you want, including a couple of shorcuts.

If you get stuck, just ask

Let us know how you go…

Thank you!, I’ve been playing around a bit trying to familiarize myself with it if that’s even possible. First question, when I tune antenna, they both read ok but when I use the diagnostic card and the led chip in the keychain, neither of them light up on my proxmark I have two other readers that register, but the proxmark doesn’t? please excuse my ignorance but is that an issue?

Then my next question, or request for guidance rather, is the “csetuid” command what I will need to program a UID into the chip?

Are you running a command on the proxmark when using the diagnostic card on it?

It doesn’t power either antenna unless it is actively doing something.

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Assuming you are using a magic chip then yes that is the command you need.