Programming xsidd chip

Hello, back in may I installed my blue blinky. Waited a few weeks, and I programmed my chip, everything was working well. I then realized I might have deleted or unformatted the chip and I’ve haven’t been able to write anything on it. Im on IOS, can anybody help? Thank you.

What did you use?

How do you think you did this?

What have you tried so far.

What size is the “thing” you are trying to write?

Can you try writing with TagWriter something like a URL?

Is it still blinky?

Hello, thanks for your response, I used nfc tools. I’m pretty sure I deleted the chip information when I wanted to replace a yt link. I have tried TagWriter. I’m just trying to fix it so I tried a test with a yt link 21 bytes. When I tried writing it says tag is not ndef compliant. When I just tried reading the tag it says no messages found.

Ohhh and yes still going strong blinking like a king

iOS has a problem if the NDEF record becomes corrupt or torn. You may need to find an Android phone to fix it before you can continue rewriting your chip with iOS.

when you get your hands on an android, and if all the basic fixes dont work

Install NFC Shell

(Im not sure if there is NFC Shell for iOS)

you can try this, make sure to be exact when sending it so you dont fuck your xSIID

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Great thank you guys. iPhone blows lol

the phone hardware is great… the iOS software is where the trouble is :slight_smile: