Project Deadman's Switch

uhhh my smartwatch (Galaxy watch 4) can get continuous heart rate reads without much battery drain reliability, so I don’t know what you mean

Continuous as in 24hours a day, 60 minutes of every hour, 60 seconds of every minute, constantly reading, never stopping. Your galaxy watch pulls heart rate data on an interval. It’s not monitoring your heart rate every single second, just enough for it to know if you’re active, sleeping, etc. But not enough to cause significant battery drain, like continuous monitoring would.

Continuous as in every 5 seconds or so, while I’m wearing it, which wouldn’t really be an issue on the scale of this

I guess this brings up the question of what’s the goal? If it’s ever second updating it’ll never work because of batteries or WiFi connection, or something.

Feels like a solution looking for a problem if you ask me… excluding the cringey and concerning possible interest if you factor in trying to replicate Hollywood

It doesn’t produce nearly enough power for something like the project you’re describing, but I saw this link in another post:

I glanced over the bibliography and there’s a few papers in there about biomechanical energy generators that might be helpful in your search if you’re thinking about putting some serious time and research in. It’s a really cool concept though, I’m curious to see how long it takes for something like this to really be possible.

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