Promark3 can't read my xDF2 DESFire

Hi guys!)
I bought your Promark3 and xDF2 DESFire EV2 8kB NFC micro-chip.
Now I try to read a lot of cards and its ok with other cards except my xDF2.
I’ve already implanted chip into my hand and other Tools from my phone are see the chip.

Here I tried many different hand positions under and above a device.

Other tools:

The HF antenna on the proxmark3 is on the bottom PCB, so we suggest you position the bottom of the proxmark3 overtop x-series implants.

@Pilgrimsmaster had a useful image recently posted about this but I can’t seem to find it.

I saw your videos at youTube and did everything to detect the micro-chip.

I understand that I need to place the chip perpendicular to antenna’s coils.


Ok… so it should be easily read by the proxmark3, and now we dive into firmware and client version and other potential issues that might cause it to fail a read. Can you send a screenshot of the client startup screen where it shows the firmware versions and client version?

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Yes sure)


The firmware is built for RDV4 you need to rebuild / install the firmware for PM3GENERIC

Ill find the guide:
Check it out here

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Thank you so much! I’ll try it and will write result here.

I forgot to say that I use MacOS
Снимок экрана 2021-12-06 в 17.02.58
I guess it is important.