Proxmark 3 Easy and 3x Cases (Free)

I have 3 Cases that i 3d Printed in white PLA for the Proxmark 3 in trying to make a case to fit the 3x. These are 3 different revisions and rather than just toss them out i was going to offer them up here for free. If you’re interested just let me know and ill ship them out. Free shipping if you’re within the US.

Also have a case for a Nano VNA V1 if anyone wants that.

1 - Cowbaby

2 Left


I wouldn’t mind taking a case off your hands if they’re still available. Need me to DM you?

EDIT: Sent a DM, you are awesome!

Yep, DM Me your address and ill get it out tomorrow hopefully

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I want one but instead of shipping it, would you mind providing the STL files?

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