Proxmark 3 How to delete NDEF or Clear it?

I have been at this all morning. Everything is working as it should BUT, I wrote a bad file to a MiFare card and now it’s erroring on my phone. I can read it with my proxmark but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to delete or clear that block. I’ve read every cheat sheet I can find and used the help command and I can’t figure it out. Help? Anyone?

*I have xSIID implant but I’m doing all my testing and learning on a keyfob
*ndefread is showing the info I wrote to the card as the payload
*hf mf wipe gives me an error about a hf-mf-*****-key.bin file not found

Figured it out!

First had to “hf mf fchk --dump” to create the missing “.bin” file which also contains the necessary codes for it to be recognized by a reader (I Think) . Then had to “hf mf dump” to add the payload to the “.bin” file. THEN I was able to “hf mf wipe” and erase all the contents. I was then able to format the card using NFC Tools and it is now back to factory defaults. This makes me feel a lot better about writing to the implant. Knowing I have figured out to clear corrupt data from the chip.

Side note, I wrote the corrupt data to the card by accident trying to figure out how to store an entire vCard on it instead of a link to a website housing a vCard.

Still haven’t figure out how to do that, but now I know how to fix it when I screw it up again.

hf mf wipe certainly won’t have done it since those are mifare classic commands and your xsiid is a mifare ultralight

I haven’t even started messing with the implant. All my testing (learning really) is being done on key fobs and cards. I’m still pretty swollen so I can’t consistently communicate with the implant anyway. I just want to know everything I can learn about programming these before I start messing with the implant. I’ve always learned best by breaking stuff, just don’t want to break anything I have to cut out of myself.

ok the command set youre goingto want to be using is hf mfu as those are the commands for mf ultralight as opposed to hf mf which are mifare classic commands

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Awwww man! Thanks so much! I was literally looking for this info as you responded! This will make it much easier to find a “commands cheat sheet”.

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