ProxMark easy/RRG firmware Standalone mode

So I’m running ProxMark Easy with Pm3 Generic Firmware. I can burn StandAlone mode for SamyRun(From Linux) and It works but if I try to burn lf_em4100rwc it gives me LED but doesnt connect to PC. Also is there a list of StandAlone modes to change in MakeFile, I checked on GitHub but there were only 2 modes.

There is a fairly complete list of standalone modes, they do list which ones work on all devices and which only work on RDV4.

I used this link to make and burn LF_EM4100RWC. But It doesn’t connect back via pm3, though it shows LED blinking. But this problem isn’t there with LF_SAMYRUN. Am I missing something? because The bootrom is same for both

Are you sure that that standalone mode does talk back through pm3?

The standalone modes use scripts to allow you to use the Proxmark3 without a computer attached to do things that can also be done with.

I wanted to verify it’s capable of reading and simulating cards. Maybe I’ve to get a new card reader to verify if ProxMark is simulating it properly.

To be honest I haven’t gone through the code to see what it does but they are intended to be used headless so I wouldn’t be surprised if there is no output in standalone mode.

They might use the LEDs for output so at least skim the code for comments that explain that or how to use that standalone mode.

I read code and tracing LED, but still It’s not as assuring as getting a output “Read Mode Ready” “Sim Started”. Will get a different card scanner for troubleshooting and assuarance

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