Proxmark install trouble on windows

started on Mac, couldn’t get my proxmark to communicate with my computer after the firmware was set up… switching to windows…
Can’t get past the runme64.bat
keep getting :The system cannot find the path specified
I have gone back and tried to make sure I haven’t missed anything.
I’m not much on the computer, just have one project I need to use the proxmark for and time is of the essence
. Please help!

Where did you get your Proxmark3 from? Was it from DT with the pre-installed Iceman Firmware?

Which guide have you followed? I assume this one?

In your Device manager (search in your bottom left search bar, if you don’t know where or what it is)

In the Tree under ports, can you see USB serial Device (COM*) ?

I have seen this error before where it didn’t like the path that proxspace was being installed in. Try using a top level directory with no spaces in the name. E.g. c:\proxmark3

My install didn’t work until i had the install folder directly on the root

Thank you all for your help. Not sure what the issue was but I started from the beginning again and it seems to be running smoothly now.