Proxmark not comunicating

this was working fine yesterday, what gives?

Can you verify that the Proxmark is plugged in and comes up on for Com3? Could just be on a different port.

yes on both of those

and plugged in on the short side of the device orange and green lights stay lit until after the error message comes up

Orange and green… might be something with the bootloader. Unplug… hold button in and plug in… keep holding the button… after com port shows up, fun pm3-flash-all and let it update again. After it’s finished updating it will reboot… keep holding the button until you get the rainbow flashy LEDs that indicate headless operation, then unplug… wait… plug back in and use normally

thanks all! I went back through some of the initial set up process and it was fixed somewhere in that process. I was able to work through and accomplish the final goal!
Amal, thank you for all of your help and guidance on purchases and the process. I literally couldn’t have done it without you!