Proxmark setup- help please!

HI guys,

Just received my proxmark from DT, however fort the life of me cannot even get it started.
(com port shows as COM6)


I try to run the first command for file location but keep getting the error in command promt
“is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.”

i have deleted and re installed multiple times…

any suggestions welcome?


This is a pretty common issue people have, so don’t worry you definitely aren’t alone

Mind telling us what guide you’re following and what exactly you’ve tried so far?


ive been following the dangerous things guide, but cannot get it to even acknowledge the proxspace in commands

Have you checked out the RRG github’s guide? It tends to be more in depth than many of the guides here which are meant to serve as a quick-start

You may also check out this site, which has some options for windows that I’ve had luck with in the past

If you still need help, it would help us help you to know what commands you’re trying to run and where exactly you’re trying to run them

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sounds like you’re not actually inside the proxspace environment.

what really helps are full screenshots that show what you’re trying to do.