Proxmark3 5.0 from Aliexpress

Hi all,

I have problem with Proxmark3 5.0 from Aliexpress, after the first connection, a message was displayed that everything was properly installed. After starting the program, I cannot connect to the device. The error as shown in the picture appears. Anyone know where the problem is?

Check your device manager and make sure it is still on COM3.

I love everything about this.
I would like to point out that the most current version of the proxmark made by Proxgrind is the RDV4; any other versions are unofficial and unsupported by the RRG repo.

Can you share the program/software they gave please?
Can you share a high quality image of the underside of the board please?

I’ve seen pm3 “5.0” units on Aliexpress that are a combination proxmark and chameleon mini. This looks like it might be one of those. I’m definitely interested in any more info you can provide about this thing!

I’m also really interested in this version of the proxmark3 which includes a chameleon as well.
Does it work properly with the iceman firmware?

no. its not compatible with the iceman firmware. the Firmware has to be given to you by the seller and is lacking HEAVILY in features

TLDR: its shit.