Proxmark3 Beginner Questions - Smart card module? Less?

I have followed the proxmark3 github guide to install the client to my linux PC and to flash the latest bootloader and image to my proxmark3 easy.

All has gone well, except the Smart card module (ISO 7826) version is “failed.” When working with the NExT, do we need this module?

Also, does pm3 have a less/more command? pm3 --> hw status scrolls by too quickly to read the output.

Cant you just scroll up? Wierd if it would be different on Linux, but i dunno…

If I were using a terminal emulator with scrolling support, but as I normally use less, I haven’t seen the need to patch my st with that feature.

you don’t need to worry about the smart card module that’s for RDV4s with a sim/sam slot adapter. can you do hw version and pop a screenshot please

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you flashed RDV4 firmware to a proxmark3 easy. refer to the advanced compilation parameters on on the Proxmark Repo

Thank you.

For the proxmark easy, I just need to compile it with PLATFORM=PM3GENERIC?

We have 512KB, so we don’t need any of these skips or standalone settings?

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That should be the only change.

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Thank you. All better now. No more device / firmware missmatch and the simpler status even happens to fit in one screen.


RTFI will always save the day :partying_face:. glad it’s all sorted now, happy hacking.