Proxmark3 Easy and NExT

Is the proxmark3 easy that is sold on the website the best thing to buy to program my NExT? I am fairly certain I wouldnt have a problem using the proxmark as I have a good understanding in computers and coding. I already have the NExT installed in the side of my hand and only use the NFC on it but do have a few things Id like to use the RFID for I just have nothing to program it. Well except the Keysy but we all know that doesnt work haha ( I did buy the keysy pre getting the implants not for the implants ) Has anyone every tried to modify a keysy to have more power to be able to read implants? That would be a cool project!

Thanks guys!

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If you’re going to be doing anything interesting with RFID, it’s the tool to have.


As @amal said, it is the tool to have. I play around with this stuff a fair amount and can’t justify the extra for an RDV4. But there is no other tool like it yet.

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The proxmark is a pretty amazing device I own the rd4 and an easy I also own a keysy and to date I have never gotten the keysy to write to anything but a keysy brand card or fob. I detest that thing

The proxmark3 easy on the other hand is what I take with me daily. I use it at work mostly to clone access for the buildings I work in. I am a building automation programmer and often have to go out on site to commission the controllers. I clone the cards for access in case I can not get ahold of a card in the future. I have yet to come across a card that I can not clone. Keep in mind Iclass is not used a lot in my area of the PNW.

The easy that is sold on this site has been one of the quickest and smoothest proxmark setups I have had. Just follow Amal’s write up. I use it in windows on kali linux and a raspberry pi zero. My Rd4 was expensive so I leave it at home and use it only on my desktop if amal had been offering the easy at the time I bought the rd4 I never would have bought it.

The help files in the Iceman firmware are so good even if I have never cloned the card before I can figure it out in minutes just by reading the help and looking at the examples provided.

Hope this helps


Is there a walkthrough for linux? I just see windows and osx

For installation?

git clone
cd proxmark3
cp Makefile.platform.sample Makefile.platform
# edit Makefile.platform if necessary
make clean && make -j #(-j does not seem to work on some platforms)
sudo make install

Then you just need to flash your proxmark3.


Thank you! and this should all work with Iceman?

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That is the Iceman repo.
You should also read this note about modem manager

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Perfect! I appreciate it. Definitely don’t want to brick my Proxmark haha

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None of the above will touch the Proxmark3 itself. That just builds the client and the images for flashing.

Take care of the modem manager before you flash and you will be fine.

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After “make clean && make” I get this error:

src/cmdhfmfhard.c:33:10: fatal error: bzlib.h: No such file or directory
33 | #include <bzlib.h>
| ^~~~~~~~~
compilation terminated.
make[1]: *** [Makefile:904: obj/cmdhfmfhard.o] Error 1
make: *** [Makefile:158: client/all] Error 2

You are missing a prerequisite. What distribution are you using?

I am guessing you want to run…

sudo apt install libbz2-dev

Then just make -j (or make)

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Here is the full list of packages I am ensuring are installed in the pi-pm3 project…


Not all of these are needed for this. (The last two are definitely for other purposes).

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Yeah that’s my bad. I forgot to install the dependencies

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