Proxmark3 Easy cannot read/write

Why Proxmark3 easy cannot read/write XSIID and XEM chips? but works to others, also I got an NFCA rings it can’t read/write it.

can you explain what exactly you’re doing and what commands you’re running

simple commands like hf/lf search etc. I can read/write in my phone but proxmark3 cannot detect my implanted chips. It can detect other chips.

I have same issue, phone and flipper reads NTAG 216 but PM3 don’t.

are you both positioning them on the correct antennas

In my case, I think yes :slight_smile:
NTAG216 on the bottom plate and RFID LF on rounded coil…

Yeah, that is correct, how about the orientation?
Perpendicular to the antenna trace/coil

try pressing firmly

Red = Antenna Trace
Aqua = perpendicular xSeries placement