Proxmark3 Easy case

Anyone have an STL file for a case that fits the PM3 Easy? I printed two different ones on Thingiverse, but it seems the design and layout have changed on the PM3 I got now recently, so they don’t fit at all.
This one does not fit at least: Much better Proxmark3 case. by the_menda14 - Thingiverse

Alternatively, is there any case to buy? Does anyone know what the recent version is called, since it apparently have a different layout?

This one looks good to me, I was planning to tinker with it at some point

I’m kind of terrible at making designs from scratch but half decent at modifying existing stuff

Yeah, I printed that one as well. Didn’t fit my version, so it would need modifications

Can you give some specifics about how it doesn’t fit? It looks pretty close so maybe a few tweaks will get you were you need to be

Can you post some good pictures of your proxmark 3 easy

I have one so it if all looks the same I can see what I need to do to make it work

As you can see, the second USB port is far more to the left. The screws are not matching up with the case, and the whole unit is slightly too large to fit

Yeah, the Easy version is purely a product of the Chinese hardware maelstrom. No one company is heading the designer development of the Easy, it’s a loose conglomerate of various factories taking a shot at productizing open source hardware. As such, even the sources we get ours from change things up. What’s most noticable is the side USB port and button placement.

Try to scale it around 105%

Wouldn’t help, as many components are placed differently

I made another case, included the source files. This fit the version I got April 2022 from here. Sorry to necro but this thread is where I landed before I made the new model


saw this in the rrg server and just finished printing one of these its great nice snug fit and levels the device nicely which is good for what I’m using one of the pm3easys for, brutalising lf tags

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Thanks man!

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As long as we’re sharing, here’s another that I made about a month ago, but I just posted it since there seems to be interest – the main differences versus @Xmutantson’s, is that it has holes so that all of the indicator lights are visible, and the antenna areas are made as thin as practical.:


I’ll try yours, I was using translucent ABS so you can still see the lights without having to make holes (though it does tend to turn anything white blue). Yours looks really nice, by the way.

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I don’t have an enclosure for ABS. Your design looks great and if yours had been available, I would probably have just modded it by adding holes and been happy! Or I’d have used it as an excuse to buy a roll of translucent PLA.

@ Xmutantson, here’s a remix of your case, adding holes for the indicator lights. I made one in black, but then I made one in translucent/clear PLA that I really like.