Proxmark3 Easy HF Issues (MAC OSX)

Hi all! So I just got my PM3 Easy and of course, I’m running into some problems. When I run “hw tune” to check my antennas, LF is okay, but HF is not. Upon running “hf tune” I get back 800-900mV/ 0V / 0Vmax - This seems wonky. What do I do?

The first thing to check is that your client software and firmware are matched.

The next thing to do is ensure you don’t have your proxmark sitting on anything metal or possibly conductive.

Finally, can you read any of the HF cards that came with the proxmark?

Ok, so I think my software and firmware are mismatched. I’m not sure how to update them on my mac.

Also, it’s definitely not on anything conductive, and none of the hf cards that came with it are reading. The hw tune command now says it’s “unusable” :woozy_face:

When you start up the Proxmark3 client, it should output a bunch of stuff on the screen including client info and firmware info. Can you screenshot this or copy/paste it?

the odd thing here is that the LF antenna is attached to the main board with screw terminals that can short out or get loose and cause problems, but the HF antenna is part of the main PCB so it’s extremely odd for it to be acting up. I’m wanting to focus in on the possible firmware / client mismatch first before we dive any further into possible hardware diagnostic.

ah… the classic Makefile.platform issue. The version is correct, but the Makefile.platform part was missed and so you’ve complied firmware and client to specifically work with RDV4 hardware. Check out the guide one more time… you can simply update the Makefile.platform file appropriately, then do a;

make clean; make -j

then re-flash your PM3 Easy and try again.


I have no idea what I’m doing

ohh you’re on MacOS… hmm… yeah this is not my area… but i can tell you this is the issue;

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From our MacOS guide… I think you need to do this bit;

Building proxmark3

Prior to building, we need to make a change to ensure the build scripts build for the Easy. On Windows or Linux, you’d change this in the Makefile.platform, but on Mac OS, as we’re using Homebrew, we export it as an environment variable.


I believe you might need to export PM3GENERIC.

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So I got it to export to PM3GENERIC last night, but had no luck with getting the hf antenna to work, or getting the device/fw mismatch to go away.

is this still happening then?


have you flashed the new firmware after compiling with PM3GENERIC ?

The instructions on the DT Info page are old. You want to use brew install --with-generic proxmark3. Here are the updated instructions from Iceman.


So it has been FOREVER since I last played with this (thanks to university and everything) but I finally got things working! The trick was to use brew reinstall --with-generic proxmark3
once that was done, I used pm3-flash-all, and that got things all sorted out!