Proxmark3 easy, misidentified tag

Tried to scan my dogs chip, lf search command returned signal sounds like noise may not be lf. Hf search identified iclass/picopass I’m guessing that’s an error. Is that just a bad connection or something else?

when attempting to detect tag types, you have to realize this is just an analog signal analysis machine… trying to pull digital signals out of a possibly very noisy analog mess coming in from the resonator.

what version firmware you running?

Its one from DT, I didn’t mess with the firmware when I got it. It just seemed really interesting that it couldn’t pick up a lf signal but was able to identify a hf tag.

The PM3 can be really bad at decoding LF stuff. In fact, the longer the datagrams, the worse it gets. I have 224 bit Indala tags here (full size, strong coupling, read from a mile away) and the PM3 misreads them 3 out of 10 times.

I never clone a LF tag into an implant without getting several matching reads from the original tag.