Proxmark3 easy not reading NExT

My Proxmark3 works. It has no trouble reading other tags. (The cards that came in the box show as Mifare Classic 1K and Indala, and it reads some Mifare Ultralight tags I bought.)

My NExT works, at least on the HF xNT side. The KBR1 wedge prints the ISO14443A ID with no trouble at all.

However, neither hf tune nor lf tune show any signs of detecting my NExT. Likewise, hf search and lf search find no results. I have tried moving and rotating my hand in many positions without even the slightest change in tune beyond that of the delta produced by my unmodified hand. The implant is near enough the surface to see and feel the ridge depending on the position of my hand.

I saw some of you were building signal boosters for phones, gun cases, and other devices. Perhaps I could build something to boost the Proxmark3’s signal?

How long ago was your NExT installed?

At the end of last month. This is my first time trying to get the proxmark to read it.

Are you in the US?


Send me your address in a DM and ill send you a constructed signal repeater.


Arrived this evening. Thank you. Will try it out tomorrow.


With the signal repeater, I was able to get my first HF reading (with one misread digit), but haven’t managed to repeat the success yet. Any recommendation on how I should align the repeater? What kind of readings should I be looking for from tune? I noticed the repeater on its own without the tag seems to drop the mV, and then increases the mV once the tag is presented.

The LF side still has no effect on tune whatsoever even with the repeater.

When reading with the proxmark or flipper I place the resonance repeater directly on my hand and move the device to it.

Voltage will drop as expected.

It’s all about finding the sweet spot for you. Once you get it a few times you’ll be more and more successful with it.

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