ProxMark3 Easy not showing Com Port

So I tried to burn full image for StandAlone mode into ProxMarl3 easy and it worked. But It wasn’t responding. So decided to flush and reinstall new image. I was able to burn bootrom, but after that I couldnt see Com Port. I tried installing Drivers, reset proxmox by holding power button and can see Green and Orange LED shine, but theres no response at Com Port. ProxMark does change LED colors when I press button, but I have not yet burned anything after bootrom. Any way to get Com port working

If the bootrom is updated but not the application firmware, then you need to hold the button down while you plug in the proxmark3 to USB. Keep holding the button while you flash the “full image” application firmware. After the firmware is updated, release the button, then unplug USB, then plug USB in again and wait. The com port should appear after a few seconds, and you should be able to use a matching client version to communicate with it.

I tried this but could not boot full image because didnt get the com port at all. Even LED started blinking as per sequence but no Com port

I can see it as a USB device, which states Device descriptor request failed. Maybe because of bootloader. But can not see Com Port

Got it working seems like bootrom didnt need com port to work. Thanks