Proxmark3 Easy "Tags can only have 44 bits"

Ok this may be a dumb question. I have a prox card as a work ID badge I can pull all of the info off of it but when I try “lf hid clone” command to my NeXT the Proxmark says “done” then prints out “[#] Tags can only have 44 bits” . Ive tried it with the raw data and wiegand format. Any Ideas I feel like I am missing something stupid.

HID prox

Not sure I can be of much help with the issue directly, but for some more info, which PM3 are you using (RDV4, Easy, etc.), which fw branch (official or iceman) and have you recently updated the firmware?

I’m using the proxmark3 easy with iceman. I got it from DT and have not updated the firmware

Ok, so does lf search return anything? Also could you try lf t55xx dump?

If nothing else works, you might want to try wiping the xEM with lf t55xx wipe to get it into a known state, and then try cloning again.

This may very well be causing your issues… the client needs to be matched to the firmware, so unless you’re using the same version client as the firmware which was flashed, weird things can happen. Please update your firmware and see if that helps

that’s sus yo… are you running the exact proper version of the client for that firmware? … because you gotta be to get accurate reliable results.

Time to go compile it :slight_smile:

I’m already drinking my coffee waiting for it to extract.


Solved Thanks Guys


Glad you got it resolved. I know the parameter parsing and potentially LF in general for the PM3 iceman branch has been worked on quite a bit, which is probably the cause of your issues.

Enjoy your PM3!

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