Proxmark3 (from DT) + Magic Ring cant clone a card

I followed this -
Clone Proxmark3 dump file to Magic Ring with MCT app on Android - YouTube - from DT on youtube
The UID is the same, but the ring doesn’t open the lock.

The original card clones fine with my XM1
using HF MF autopwn (copying card) - then hf mf cload -f hf-mf-29284723-dump-1.eml on the implant
So I know its dumping correctly and reading the keys.

But When I follow the above Youtube, the ring doesn’t open the lock. However my xm1 does with the above.
(to be sure it isn’t a signal issue, there is no case on the lock reader)

The MCT way isn’t working as near as I can tell. Is there a way to use the proxmark to write to the gen2?
I read something about wrbl but its over my head.

as far as i understand it, gen2 work like any other block write so the basic wrbl command should work for block 0… but i’ve never bothered to use it… i think you might be able to use the restore command to do a dump to chip complete write on a gen2… yeah do a hf mf restore --help to see how it could be done… it may work? probably?

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