Proxmark3 lf search not working. But detect works

I am using a Proxmark3 Easy to try and clone to a t5577 chip. When I try to do “lf search” it just says that there no chip detected. But I can do all the other commands like “lf t55xx detect”, “lf t55xx info” and they all work properly. I am not sure what is going on

That’s because LF SEARCH can only find well defined or known emulations and a factory blank T5577 is not set up to emulate anything. Once you set it up as an EM or HID Prox or anything known, LF SEARCH will detect it just fine as that thing… so clone an em410x ID to your T5577 and LF SEARCH will find an EM410x ID.


Yeah I cloned a card with the lf hid clone -r 2” command and lf search still doesn’t work

What kind of card are you trying to clone?

Can you do a lf search of the card and share the screenshot

  • is that all you sent? just -r 2 or is that the start of the raw ID?

  • what kind of T5577 chip is it? is it an implant from us or a card or fob or something else?

  • basically when you issue a clone command you are shotgunning bytes into the ether… there is no check going on to ensure the clone was actually accepted and successful, so it might just be that you haven’t actually successfully programmed your T5577 chip. Any video of the process or just photos might help.


brb adding “shotguning bytes into the ether” to the rrg repo helptext for t55xx


It is just a generic Chinese white card.

Here are the responses to the different commands:

hmm that seems strange… could be a T5555 chip? also are your firmware and client versions matching properly?

How would I check if it’s a T5555 chip. Also I don’t think it’s a firmware issue because I can clone other cards and fobs without issues. It’s just this one set of 5 cards that I bought that are having this issue. So maybe it’s something with the cards

Ah yeah possibly… sometimes these Chinese cards use fake T5577 chips… or rather “knock off” chips that emulate the T5577’s features… but sometimes they do it badly or just kinda don’t work. It’s happened before to people on this forum with the same kind of generic T5577 cards.

Actually … try one thing… try cloning an EM ID to it and doing lf search

Oh that seemed to work. This is what happens when I try to do lf search now:

I’m fairly new to this. Does this mean that I can’t clone my HID cards?

well i would say now try to clone the HID prox to it :slight_smile:

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am invested in this now.

can you screenshot the output of the lf search of the real HID card, it may be that you’re formatting your syntax incorrectly.

i just ran lf hid clone -r 2c548c09e8 and it returned a 35bit std with fc 676 and cn394484.

what I suspect is happening with yours is either syntax or coupling. like amal said its firing bytes out into the ether so if your tag isn’t collecting those properly you need to adjust your positioning

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Still does not seem to be working

Here’s the screenshot. Seems like it’s what you’re getting

yeah i get that output, is that your original card or the t5577?

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That’s doing the lf search with the original card. I posted the screenshot of the lf search with the t5577 as a reply to amal.

ok cool, can you do hw ver and post the output plz

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Here it is: