Proxmark3 not reading anything

Hi there, I bought my PM3 days ago, am what you can call a noob. that said this is the deal.

  1. I unboxed, everything was cool, well packaged, well managed, and excellent by far.

  2. Plugged into the pc. everything looks ok.

  3. I followed the Getting Started Guide for Proxmark3 Easy on Windows - YouTube step by step and I think I did it well 'cause I have this:

  4. When I run the command hw tune:

Both antennas say Ok, but there is a line there that leaves me thinking that something is not right.
“[!] Contradicting measures seem to indicate you’re running a PM3GENERIC firmware on a RDV4” :thinking:

  1. This is the reading en LF, everything looks good according to what I read in the forum, but the strange is that when I put a card or a tag over the LF antenna the values do not change at all.

  2. This is what I get with a LF SEARCH.

  3. And this is an AUTO.

That file that this command says that created, is empty :roll_eyes:

I don’t know what else to try, this is a new PM3, so I don’t think (hope) is broken.

Could anyone help me on this one pls? :pray:

what is it youre trying to scan? how do you know its LF?

where are you placing it on the proxmark? the big red ring is the lf antenna

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Tnx a lot for your reply,

ok I know those are lf cause i’m using a RFID Reader RC255 to read them with an Arduino.

Yeap I’m placing it over the red circle antena, and checked that the desk Im using is wood and there nothing else around the Reader to avoid noise.


you mean RC522? cuz thats high frequency.


I feel so stupid rigth now. :rofl: I’ll try putting the tags over the other Antenna and check. Sorry!!!

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trail and error is the way we learn :slight_smile: