Proxmark3 not working?

Guys, what is going over here? Why won’t it restore the file I want it to restore?

hf mf restore [-h] [–mini] [–1k] [–2k] [–4k] [-u ] [-f ] [-k ] [–ka] [–force]

-h, --help This help
–mini MIFARE Classic Mini / S20
–1k MIFARE Classic 1k / S50 (def)
–2k MIFARE Classic/Plus 2k
–4k MIFARE Classic 4k / S70
-u, --uid uid, (4|7|10 hex bytes)
-f, --file specify a filename for dump file
-k, --kfn key filename
–ka use specified keyfile to authenticate
–force override warnings

hf mf restore
hf mf restore --1k --uid 04010203
hf mf restore --1k --uid 04010203 -k hf-mf-AABBCCDD-key.bin
hf mf restore --4k

[usb] pm3 → hf mf restore -f hf-mf-E9384B33-key.bin
[-] Error - can’t find hf-mf-8DC8DBBF-key.bin

-key.bin is a binary file containing the sector KEYs not the chip data.

What you want is hf-mf-UID-dump.bin

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But I am trying to dump & restore the keys

Based on your other post re multiple tags detected, I think you may also have a client firmware mismatch… reply to that thread with a screenshot of your pm3 client startup screen to confirm versions.

take a close look at the help / options screen…

you are using a -f command but then specifying a key file instead of a dump file … key files are specified using the -k command not -f … be sure to read through any help screens carefully while double checking the commands you’re using :slight_smile: the proxmark3 firmware isn’t the most user friendly thing in the world, but it’s getting better every day.