Proxmark3 RDV4 HF antenna with NExT

I just got the NExT implant and am buying the Proxmark3 RDV4 with the ProxLF antenna.
Will the HF antenna set make reading and writing to the 13.56Mhz part of the implant easier too?

While I’m asking, I saw there is also a LF antenna set separate than the ProxLF antenna. Would there be a reason to buy that addon along with it? I assume it’s worse for the implant, but I’m not sure if it’s still better than the ProxLF for other types of chips.

I’m already spending an irresponsible amount of money on a NFC reader/writer so I might as well go all out and get all the addons that may be useful in the future. I’m gonna feel guilty about this purchase already, lol.

On that note, are there any other accessories worth buying for the implant? I’m completely new to this. (Although I do have lots of experience with arduinos. It’s just the NFC aspect I’m new to.)

All my opinion below

Nice, great choice

Best combination currently available

Not reaaalllllly,
I’m not sure of your use case, but a lot of you HF writing can be done via CellPhone via NFC and NDEF

There are few HF chips that you can change the UID/NUID on, including the xNT (NExT), the exceptions in the DT products are the Magic Mifare and Magic NTAG.

The Factory HF antenna should serve you well.

No, for your xSeries (NExT) the DT LF antenna is your best bet.
Anything like the FlexEM, the Factory LF antenna or DT LF antenna should be fine.

Get some Arduino RFID kits.
The DT xAC is a great project kit also.

Spend the money you were going to “waste” on the antennas, and get yourself some more implants.

Tell us what you would like to do and we can direct you toward some suitable products.

Thank you! I just ordered the Proxmark with the ProxLF antenna and none of the other ones then.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure what I’ll be using it for. Since I like to make random electronics projects, this just seemed like a cool thing to have that opens new opportunities. And being able to spoof LF cards sounded like it could be useful, which is why I went for the NExT over the Spark 2.

I’ll probably hold off on more implants for a bit though. I’m one of those idiots who decided to do the implant completely on my own. So I should probably get a professional to do future ones. (Or at least undergo some training so I’m better qualified.)

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Sounds perfect.

Also check out the project category if you haven’t already done so.