Proxmark3 RDV4 issues

Just got my RDV4 with the bluetooth module in the mail today. Got it flashed with the Iceman firmware and everything seems fine. One issue is making the whole thing fail. I can connect to bluetooth, run “proxmark3” on termux and everything pops up as it should but it says the device is offline. On the computer I can type in “hw connect (plus the serial port)” and everything works perfectly but each time I plug in the proxmark3 with a cable or bluetooth it always starts in offline mode. How do I get the RDV4 to start normally everytime?

I am quite sure proxmark3 easy and RDV4 have different firmware. Be careful not to brick it.

Looks like that link provides .bat files. I’m using linux

You can build it if you are on Linux but be careful what firmware you are building. I chose to run it in VM just to not have to build it myself.

If I remember right the Linux shell scripts contain hardcoded com port to try you can edit that.

I honestly have no idea what I am doing. Got it all flashed on linux but when I try to connect to RFID Tools I get this error