Proxmark3 rdv4 not flashing

I cant get my proxmark3 rdv4 to flash I keep getting this error and everything I have searched and tried has failed This is the output
Any help would be greatly appreciated

[code] [!!] ------------- Follow these steps -------------------

[!!] 1) ./pm3-flash-bootrom
[!!] 2) ./pm3-flash-all
[!!] 3) ./pm3

[=] ---------------------------------------------------

[=] Available memory on this board: UNKNOWN

[!!] ====================== OBS ! ======================================
[!!] Note: Your bootloader does not understand the new CHIP_INFO command
[=] Permitted flash range: 0x00100000-0x00140000
[!!] ====================== OBS ! ========================================
[!!] Note: Your bootloader does not understand the new START_FLASH command
[+] Loading ELF file D:\ProxMark\ProxSpace\pm3\proxmark3\client…/bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf
[+] Loading usable ELF segments:
[+] 0: V 0x00100000 P 0x00100000 (0x00000200->0x00000200) [R X] @0x94
[+] 1: V 0x00200000 P 0x00100200 (0x00000d1c->0x00000d1c) [R X] @0x298

[+] Loading ELF file D:\ProxMark\ProxSpace\pm3\proxmark3\client…/armsrc/obj/fullimage.elf
[+] Loading usable ELF segments:
[+] 0: V 0x00102000 P 0x00102000 (0x0003fe20->0x0003fe20) [R X] @0x94
[!!] Error: PHDR is not contained in Flash
[!!] Firmware is probably too big for your device
[!!] See for information on compiling for platforms with 256KB of flash memory
[=] The flashing procedure failed, follow the suggested steps!
[+] All done

[=] Have a nice day! [/code]

Looks like you need to upgrade the bootloader before you flash the rom.

I have tried get the same error this is how I tried

proxmark3 com3 --flash --unlock-bootloader --image /usr/local/share/proxmark3/firmware/bootrom.elf

Personally, I would just try a clean install.

I find that fault finding can sometimes take as long, if not longer, than a clean install.

Its obviously not your first install, so if you want to try an abridged version.

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That did it!! Just started over and it flashed no problem

Thank you for the suggestion. Wish I would have thought of that