ProxSpace Install Pickup where I left off

Hi all, sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.

I thought I’d get a head of it all, and start installing ProxSpace before receiving the PM3 device. (I know, I know)
I’m installing ProxSpace v3.11 on Windows 11, and got all the way to step ‘Flash your PM3’. So obviously I had to stop, and I figured I’d pick up where I left off.

Now that I’ve closed the CMD prompt and had restarted my computer,
is there a way to pick up where I left off, or would I need to deleted what I have done and start over?


You should be fine

  • Navigate to Proxspace wherever you saved it

  • Find and run

  • Change directory
    cd proxmark3

  • If your last command before restarting was
    make clean && make all
    Then when your PM3 arrives, you should be ready to continue with the install

Just checking,
Did you remember to change your platform from RD4 to PM3?

if not, then

  • notepad Makefile.platform

You should get a notepad page

  • move the # from

  • to this

File - Save - Close

Continue to wait for the Proxmark



Thanks @Pilgrimsmaster,
I did try the runme64 before, but didn’t wait long enough.
Seems to work now, I’m on the pm3 ~$ prompt.

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Yes I did change the platform from RD4 to PM3.

Patiently waiting. I even paid for the express shipping.