ProxSpace stuck at install

trying to run “runme64” and stuck at “copying skeleton files”

any idea whats happening here and why i cant install proxspace?

screenshot link: proxspace — ImgBB

thank you in advance!

system; windows 10
proxmark 3 easy (iceman firmware)
proxspace 3.10

I just edited your post to show your screenshot and upped your user level so you can now share images. :+1:

To answer your question, with a question.
where did you get your proxmark from?
what guide did you follow?


thank you @Pilgrimsmaster !

i bought the proxmark at
and used the “getting started guide” link - Getting started with the proxmark3 easy

I am confused. That screen shot shows a command that has completed and given you the command prompt back. That pm3 ~$ is the command prompt.

Where did you get to in the guide?


i am confused as well :worried:

i didnt get far, i downloaded proxspace 3.10
unziped it to C:\ProxSpace
double clicked runme64.bat file
and it opened the window (pic attached in first post here)
it never went through an install process of any kind…

What happens if you run this?
git clone

Can you confirm you used 7Zip to extract?
Did it unzip correctly / fully?

It 100% has to be 7 Zip, dumb I know…

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i used winrar to extract

when i put in that command i got the following:

So far it looks like the only problem is that the guide shows a lot more going on for the ProxSpace set up then the latest version shows you… So that might have been confusing but it did complete successfully it appears.

Now you have cloned the proxmark repository successfully. You can continue following the guide from this point. The next thing you should do is modify your makefile.platform


Amal’s guide is fantastic and informative, but to make it a little clearer for you, you can try and follow my thinned out guide. ( I 100% ripped off Amals guide )

If you have any issues, you will have to go back to Amals comprehensive guide , to remedy them

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i really appreciate you guys, i am glad i found a cool community behind this proxmark device : )

ill go ahead and continue with the guide, lets hope i can get this thing running!

all the best

  • Linux is case sensitive, So copy and paste where possible

  • Follow every step as it is laid out

  • If you have any problems or it doesn’t result as it should

STOP, let us know, and we can probably sort it out


This could be the issue.

So you might have to go back, and use 7 Zip, and try again

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Should be fine actually. I use WinRAR for ProxSpace extraction.