Proxymark3 HF antenna seems broken

Good afternoon, I have proxymark3 easy and I am currently trying to intercept an HF RFID tag, but it ALWAYS returns trace len 0, even though it is on a valid reader, what could it be?

I can detect HF chips, but I can’t sniff the communication.

And when I type HF TUNE, it comes back with a value that doesn’t lower or change, here is the print


Try putting your HF tag near it, and see if the figures change.

Also, try a HW tune and post the results please

Just did! The values did not changed. Here is the HW tune results!

What surface is you PM3 on?

anything metallic?

No! It is MDF!

Can you try an

hf search with the card your PM3 came with?

Are all the screws passing through the PCB tight?

Does the LF antenna work?

So the “HF RFID” tag you are using, you are able to read?

What is the reader you are trying to sniff?
What command are you sending?

yes! i can even recognize the hf and lf rfid cards!

my metro terminal! i’m using the command hf 14a sniff -r -c

Weird that the tuning doesnt appear to be working, but you can read, but cant sniff…
Try just a generic sniff

‘hf sniff’

Yeah! That is so weird! i also tried this command, and keep getting trace len 0!

rn im trying to do in kali linux, maybe works!

yeah, even in linux i get
i really dont know what to do

can you describe the layers of the “sandwich”

reader - target card - PM3 ?

It shouldn’t matter too much, but are you using HF antenna underneath (the bottom board)

I’m pretty much out of ideas at the moment too… :hamster_emoji_gif:

reader - pm3 - target card.

and yeah, im also dont know what to do :confused: