Purpose of LED implant

Hi I’m new here, and was planning on getting on getting the ultimate kit, however I seen that it does not include the reader or the access control. I noticed that the white bundle does and it’s not much more, my question is what can you actually do with the led implant, and is it worth it to spend the extra couple of dollars to get that bundle instead of buying the ultimate bundle and readers separately.

Its cool?

Actual usefulness is for detecting RFID readers

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Where would be the best spot for the sole purpose of field detection? I know that the fingers are a bad area, but I’ve also seen that the light can be hard to see when put in the usual spot.

I THINK I originally got The Ultron Upgrade Kit - Ultron MAX Kit for $199
I think Ultron kit was a NExT??
An Ultron Max was NExT + original Spark??
( for that same price now, you get NExT + Spark 2 + xLED ), so effectively you are getting the xLED as a freebie, :bulb: So that is a really good deal :+1:


  • NExT dual chip implant

  • VivoKey Spark 2 chip implant

  • 1 xLED-HF LED Implant

  • 125kHz X Field Detector

  • 13.56MHz X Field Detector

  • RFID Diagnostic Card

  • xEM Access Controller

  • Dangerous KBR1 Reader

YEP, go for it, you won’t be disappointed

I don’t have one. But from what I have seen
I would say “the usual spot” looks fine.
Also if brightness is what you are after, I would suggest somewhere beneath thin skin, like the top of the hand ( be aware of tendons and blood vessels )
What you also need to think about is, do you want it in its own spot, or alongside another implant ( 5mm gap minimum). Therefore it will light up :bulb: when you scan the other device ( if they are the same Frequency ( HF in this case ) HF xLED, Spark 2, and NExT - xNT) Then you will need to decide which device to put it with.

I hope that clears things up for you

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I do have one more question, and that is whether or not you can see the light from both sides of the hand. Like if I were to “backhand” the reader could I see the light though my palm?

Again, I don’t have one so cant attest to that, At a GUESS I really wouldn’t have thought so, (try shining your phones led torch through your hand)
In the webbing, would be your best bet for “shine through” but that would also depend on where exactly in the webbing it sits, and if you are in quite a dark room, but again would guess that would be quite muted if at all…

Hopefully somebody on here with one can actually give you a factual rather than theoretical answer.

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We just installed the HF xLED last night in the usual spot, between thumb & forefinger. With the NFC reader on an iPhone, it’s not all that bright. definitely not gonna show through both sides of the hand. Bear in mind its still swollen & stuff, but even so, its not gonna happen. IMHO if you put enough RF into it to make it bright enuf to go through the hand, you’d burn out the LED.

OTOH (literally, lol) we have the LF xLED in the other hand, and using the Halo scanner, its way, way brighter. Still not enuf to be seen thru the hand, but its much more impressive. :smile_cat:


I have my xLED in the webbing of my right hand. I can’t see it through my palm with my phone or KBR1. It might be possible with a stronger coil, but I really, really doubt it.

The only real use of it, other than the cool factor, is for getting the orientation right so you can get an actual chip to read (The chips have to be held perpendicular to the coil to work)

If you’re looking for a light implant though, I’d save up for the xSIID. It’s got different colors, and in addition to lighting up, doubles as data storage. It’s also useful getting visual feedback as you approach a scanner, so you aren’t spending ages waving your hand around wondering why it’s not working.


xSIID is awsome!


I must admit, personally I fail to see the interest of implanting shiny things that hardly do anything useful. It’s great to see in other people’s hands, but I’d rather implant things that have an actual usefulness in my limited implant space.

The thing about detecting HF or RF fields is, you only have do to it once per reader. For that purpose, whipping out the field detector card is good enough. Then when you have to interact with the reader several times a day, an implant makes sense. But not for a one-time job.

Also, a LED implant shines on the wrong side - i.e. when the chip is properly lined up with the reader’s antenna, if the range is very short or touching, the LED is hard to see because it faces the reader. That’s not terribly functional.

So in short, I can’t see a LED-only implant being anything other than a great party trick when the field is strong enough. But I for one am not interested in party tricks: function takes precedences for me. The xSIID is a different proposition though: it’s a useful party trick. Shiny and useful: now that’s tempting :slight_smile:

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How useful though? What are you going to store on a SIID that makes it worth it?

An xSIID stores the same stuff you’d put on the NExT Implant in the white kit.

The NExT has a 1kb HF chip, and a LF chip.
The xSIID has a 2kb HF chip and an LED.

Whatever you’d use the HF side of the NExT for, the xSIID would do the same. Some phones/readers/apps won’t pick up the data correctly if there’s more than one record.

What most people seem to be doing is using the NExT to store just one record, like a Vcard, as well as the UID on it, and the xSIID for data storage (Emergency contact info, Bitcoin wallets, websites, and/or whatever else you want to store.) as well as the ability to have a Second UID registered to them.

…Thought I was replying to the OP, my bad @CanuckCold. I think part of what Rosco may have been getting at was that it being an LED + storage space made it more attractive of an option. You may or may not have a use for if, but if you were getting one or the other, you may as well dish out for the multi-purpose option.

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BUT some people do have an interest, and really, that is all that matters :bulb:
On top of that, there are actual use cases, like I eluded to in xBT quick question For a Pentester / Red Teamer etc, an implantable LED would be a fantastic tool, especially a 2in1 HF / LF. :wink: swipe a scanner, intel gained…success…
Imagine if you had an xLED LF with storage in one hand :wink: and an xLED HF(xM1) :wink: in the other ( or the same hand, no conflict) swipe a scanner, intel gained…target employee to sniff their credentials…write their creds. to the implant, access facility. BOOM, Job done, :microphone: dropped
( another 2 subtle implant hints dropped also )
Granted a limited market, but a market none the less; also likely there would be other practical uses i’m not seeing

No matter what people want chips for, DT seems to think there’s enough of a market to serve it :slight_smile: And yeah, to each his own: if you want LEDs for shits and giggles, well that’s groovy too.

My 2 cents… I have the NeXT and Spark2. I also have the LED HF. When ANYONE wants to know about or just poke my hand it’s the LED that takes there main interest. Yes I tell them all about the cyberbionic encryption yada yada… BUT nothing gets through to them like a red light coming from my hand lol. (Using the KBR1 in my first to send power through from the back. I blame marvel movies for this lol.


I have the white LED and I use it for proof of concept. I do a lot of messing around with tags, mostly in my nails, and I wanted a light that wouldn’t grow off. When I’ve got some more downtime I’ll get the spark put in near it, but I’m a super slow healer.

Mine is 4 weeks in and I’ve been documenting the healing process. The light shows through white now, but was red when first put in as it highlights the bruising. It gradually gets more and more visible.